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By Bob Moats

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Hello again...

April has sprung but I'm not seeing any spring! It seems to me back when I was younger, March blew in and kids were flying kites and then the warm, rainy season would start and bring out the flowers. Now we have to wait till the end of May for it to jump right to 90 degrees after temperatures of 40. Oh Well.

This month's issue was put up a little late as I have been in the process of moving and my computer was packed away for a short while. I finally got over the shakes of not being able to compute and my computer is up and running for now and I'm rushing to get the April issue finished. Please be patient with us, thanks.

Just recently got an email from a Marine City man interested in contributing to our humble online magazine. I went to his website and I was impressed, especially his parody of the Clinton administration. As soon as this month's issue is finished from my move, I will look into adding his expertise to our pages.

Our resident crazy writer Steve Kivel is still missing, but I do have almost 200 past columns that he has written and we won't be at a loss for them here in "Kivel and Bits". Hopefully he will check in and let me know he is still alive and get us some fresh points of view.

As always, bookmark our pages and stop back again!

Bob Moats
Around Town Online.


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