Around Town
Monthly Contest

for April, 1998

O.K. Boys and Girls, here is the first monthly contest of hopefully many. It will test your knowledge of music lyrics, but don't feel that you have to be an expert on the subject, just that you have listened to songs in the past and the words may have sunk in somewhere in your memories. Here's how it works: we will give you a bunch of keywords from a song in the order that they were sung, for example:

love - darling - hunger - touch - long - time - need - love

Answer from: Unchained Medley, Righteous Brothers - Oh, my LOVE, my DARLING, I HUNGER for your TOUCH, a LONG lonely TIME. I NEED your LOVE. (etc)

That wasn't hard, now was it? OK, on to the real thing! Here's are this month's clue:

woman - street - kind - meet - believe - true - look - good - mercy

The Legal tripe:
Now, in order to enter you must be of legal age in your state (min. 18 years and up usually), a U.S. citizen (when we figure out the legalities, we will include the rest of the world later) and not an employee of Around Town (which is the entire population of the U.S. minus two or three). No purchase required (hey, this stupid magazine is free to you people!), only ONE entry per person per e-mail address (even if you have ten e-mail accounts) and VOID where prohibited by law (does that mean we don't exist there).

How to enter:
Send your answer to: and put the answer in the subject line and then put your name, e-mail address, city and State (or if you don't have an e-mail address: street address, city, state zip) in the message area. We will draw a name in case of ties. The prize will be announced around the middle of the month (when we get one), but it will be a nice prize and the contest ends the last day of the month, winner announced the first week of next month. Besides even if it isn't a nice prize, half the fun is in the trying! Hey, this is a free contest, things will get smoother as we go along! THANKS and have fun!


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