Past Articles, columns, commentary and humor

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Past Articles, Columns, Comments and Humor.
Including "Kivel and Bits" and "Really Bad Video".
Month Type Name of File (click on to view)
Jan 98 Kivel Kivel and Bits - Kid's Parties
Feb 98 Humor Kivel and Bits - Kid's Toys
Apr 98 Humor Kivel and Bits - Accidents
Apr 98 Review Really Bad Video - April - "Spawn"
May 98 Review Really Bad Video - May - "Most Wanted"
Jan 98 Humor Real Adventures of Port Huron 911
by Elmo Spludd
Jan 98 Humor Microsoft purchases U.S. Government
Jan 98 Humor Holy Day of Oblong Inflation
Stupor Bowl Sunday by Dandy Don Aikman
Jan 98 Humor Michigan man claims having fling with Prez Clinton
Jan 98 Humor Chat, The Eighth Deadly Sin
Feb 98 Humor Anti-Valentine's Day for Singles
Feb 98 Humor Presidents Day, the Unappreciated Holiday
Feb 98 Humor Dreams and the Aluminum Hat
Mar 98 Humor Psyhic Hotline
They've Been Expecting Your Call, By Elmo (Mandrake) Spludd
Apr 98 Humor Clobberin' Time, 15th of April
By Elmo (16th amendment) Spludd
Apr 98 Humor Supermarket Tabloids
1st of April all Year Round, by Bill Wines
May 98 Humor The Great Outdoors
Mosquitoes, Lyme Disease and Other Wonders of Nature By Bill Wines
May 98 Humor How to Tell You Have No Friends
Submitted By Trina A., Port Huron, Mich.
May 98 Humor Computers, Are They Male Or Female?
Submitted By Darlene E., Toronto, Canada.


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