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By Bob Moats

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Hello!Welcome to the first edition of Around Town Online. The name Around Town comes from my former weekly published entertainment guide for St. Clair County, Michigan. It ran from May 2, 1994 to November 1997 when I finally put it to rest due to the stress of trying to do all the work myself from the design layout on the computer, writing articles, photographing, printing on the offset press, assembling thousands of pieces of papers into books, stapling and delivering the guides to hundreds of places around the county by deadline every Friday. The first year or so, I had some help but after the novelty wore off everyone just pooped out leaving me with all the work. It was a good experience but a hard one to do alone. The last few months I have been honing my HTML talents on the web putting up a few web sites for myself and others and decided to revive Around Town as an online guide for people living in the entire southeastern part of Michigan from north of Port Huron to south of Detroit, and for those interested in visiting the area, but anyone from around the world should enjoy the humor, fun and information this website will provide!

Each online web edition will present many of the great features of the original printing press editions of Around Town like "Kivel & Bits", written by Steve Kivel, Around Town's humor columnist with a proven track record for getting to the funny bone, and the "Horriblescopes" for those people who enjoy their astrology from a weird perspective. We will also feature listings of places to go and great things to do, great places to dine and dance and other great stuff! We will have writers who will make you think about issues in the four county area whether they be social or political and provide a sounding board for those who have something to say. Around Town is just starting over again so give it time to blossom and we will be your guide to great things.

Bookmark our main page and check us out every issue. Thanks and welcome!

Bob Moats
Publisher and Editor,
Around Town Online.