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By Bob Moats

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Hello again...

It's hearts and flowers month when men spend one day a year to really try to woo the spouse, mate, lover or significant other with flowers, cards or candy if they are on my income. Jewels, minks, cars or a vacation to the Bahamas if they have a few bucks. Oh, well. We will try to maintain a Valentine theme during the month and I'm sure Clinton will provide many heart warming news stories.

If you like singing in the shower or in the car and you think you know the lyrics to every song ever written, we have started a contest to test your abilities and the big winner will even get a prize, a funny hat or a rubber ducky. Not really, we will have a nice prize for the winner and as soon as we get something cheap and at wholesale we will put it on the contest page. This month's contest ends February 28th so check out the page and try your luck or skill.

We have been lucky to have picked up a few good writers so far if you have read some of the articles. We are open for submitions so if you feel you have something to contribute, send it to us! We are also always open to suggestions as long as they are constructive.

We still have some holes in our listing pages of things to do and places to go, just be patient as we are still compiling as much data as we can and get it correct so we can put it online for you to use. If there is some kind of listings that you feel would be useful let us know. We are here for the readers.

We are also working on bringing in an online company that provides personals listings that are already available to use. We hope to have the looking for love listings available soon so watch the Personals page for more info.

I have to say that after spending three and a half years putting out the Around Town as a printed magazine every week, I thought this would be easier online. Not! Maybe it will be smoother when all the pages are finished and I can just change copy as it comes in. I guess building the house is harder than decorating the interior.

Bookmark our main page and check us out every issue. Thanks and welcome back!

Bob Moats
Publisher and Editor,
Around Town Online.


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